Daily Create #16

I wrote a ten line bowling poem.  First line is one word, second line is two …..


Stinky shoes!

Need big bumpers!

Pins flying this way,

pins flying that way and

laughing at the split I have.

I step up to the line again

I release the ball and it rolls down

the middle and veers to the right bounces off

the bumper. Boy do I really suck at this game!


Daily Create #15

Describe your morning as an opening to a suspense story…

I slowly opened one eye as I heard the music start playing. I lay there half asleep. I slowly pulled back the covers and then quickly pulled them on again. It was cold in the house. I finally crawled out of bed and walked to my daughter’s room where she lay peacefully sleepily. I watched her for a moment, hating to disturb her, she looked so sweet. I hollered at my son to rise and then walked back down the hall. That was when I noticed it……

Daily Create #13

My Favorite Moment from Last Week

IMG_0682My favorite moment from last week was watching my daughter and her team take second place at her basketball tournament.  The girls played well and it was fun to watch.  They surprised all of us including themselves when they made it to the championship game.

Daily Create #11

Magical Whistle – User’s Manual

This whistle is to call your children home no matter how far away your children are. They can be down the street or across the globe and when you blow the whistle it will give them the message.

1 short blow on the whistle will give your child ten minutes and then it will teleport them home.

2 short blows will give your child a 30 minute warning before bringing home your child.

3 short blows will bring your child home immediately. This one is for emergencies and shouldn’t be used too often.

You will need to have a color coded whistle for each of your children. So be sure you have the correct one when you call your child home.

Daily Create #10

The pirates have landed…

What did they take you may ask? The pirates took my left shoe.  Only one shoe was strange to me until I looked through my telescope and saw a peg leg pirate putting my shoe on his left foot.