Stitches in Time

Stitches in Time

So I worked on my independent project this week, a little bit here and there. I even took it to my parents for Easter vacation thinking I would work on it. Yeah, right.  I honestly thought I would get it finished but as you can see there is no picture yet.  So I will keep trudging along and hopefully have it finished by the end of next week.  This is where I will tell you what I have learned from this project.

First of all, don’t expect too much.  When you know you are busy and have a lot going on don’t plan too far ahead.  I know it is a good idea to set goals, but don’t over extend yourself.

Secondly, there is no replacing the time spent with family.  I chose to play cards, go shopping, and cook and bake with my family instead of working on my project while at my parent’s house.  You never know how much time you have left with loved ones.

Lastly, the project will always be there when I get to it.  I have unfinished projects that date back several years.  I have kept the patterns with the project and one of these days I’ll get to it.  So I guess, what I’m trying to say is, why stress over the small stuff, and it’s all small stuff.


Internet Mindfulness

I can’t even imagine being plugged in like Paul Miller was. How lonely life would be if you were always on the internet and not having real interactions. The internet has some valuable uses, yet I can see how people could get sucked in, especially if it was your job. It is so important to find that balance.

I know that I don’t use the internet in a mindful way all of the time. I have the bad habit of playing games or checking in on my social site. Before this class started all I had was Facebook and my Email. I will be the first to admit that when this class is over I hope never to get on some of the sites we’ve used for this class again.   When I was working full time and only going to school part time I didn’t use the internet as much as I do now as a full time student. I use it for class, research, news, and my social media. I also moved across the state and Facebook is how I keep in touch with friends.

If I was told tomorrow that I would have to stop Facebook and my email I wouldn’t be too hurt. I do have to use my email account for communication with my ex-husband, so I couldn’t just quit it. However, all the rest could just go away and I’d be alright. I might miss some of the communication I have with friends on Facebook, but I guess we would call each other more, or as they say what you don’t know won’t hurt you.

As far as my news intake goes, I could read the paper or watch the news more on television. The one thing I like about the internet and getting my news there is the choice to choose what I read about or watch. I don’t have commercials and I don’t have to see the same news story over and over.

Having said all of this I am fairly mindful I would say. I can put down any and all of my devices at any time. I know people who are attached to their phones and devices so that they don’t miss out on anything and they are missing out on the people right in front of them.   I know that I will never be that way and hope that more people realize what a mind suck these devices can be.

Stitches in Time

So after a crazy three day weekend at a basketball tournament I finally have time to reflect. I’m sorry this is kind of last minute, I thought I would have had time in the evenings, but I was so wrong. I should have known that the girls would be busy wanting to swim, play, or just hand out.

So now I finally sit down to write my thoughts on this on this week’s independent learning project. I decided to work on some more of my wool and applique sewing. I chose a project which is in time for the upcoming holiday, Easter. I have had this project for some time. I have many of these little projects put in a tote that I get out and try to work on from time to time.

The biggest thing I have learned from working on this project is that it doesn’t have to be perfect. When I first started working on wool applique I was quite the stickler about making sure that all of the threads matched perfectly and all the stitches were very precise. The more I work on projects like this, I realize that they aren’t going to be perfect. These projects are handmade and that’s what makes them unique. The little imperfections have grown on me and sometimes they turn into the best “happy mistakes.”

The project isn’t finished but I think I can keep it out past Easter for a little while. It consists of two bunnies facing each other with a few tulips. The pattern is by Cleo and Me, and is titled Hares to Spring. Although it has bunnies it also represents spring not just Easter. Lord knows that I am ready for spring, and its warmer days, cool nights, and rains. I will post pictures once the project is finished.

Daily Create #22 – # 28

Daily Create #22  Eye Selfie


Daily Create #23 15 Second Batman


Daily Create #24 Create Hands


Daily Create #25 Awkwardly Placed Object


Daily Create #26 Joke a Cow might say to a human…

How did the cow find the farmers wife?

She tractor down.

Daily Create #27 Granted the power to create a law for one day.

I would hold higher laws for those who are on death row who have admitted to their crime and have no remorse.  These people would have the opportunity to put an end to their lives.  This would be self induced.  This would cut back on taxes and resources.

Daily Create #28 Blurred Photo

IMG_0910I was bummed when this one didn’t turn out, but I did get a lot of great pics this weekend of my daughter playing basketball.

Digital Activism

I found that it was interesting in the one article The 6 Activist Functions of Technology that it found that digital technology can do only six things for activists who use it. These were 1.) to share public opinion 2.) plan an action 3.) protect activists 4.) share a call to action 5.) take action digitally and lastly 6.) transfer resources. Well, I don’t know that I agree one hundred percent that there are only six things which it does but it was a good article to help me understand what digital activism is and how it works.

It absolutely amazes me how easy it is for people to get their point out there for all to see. Even when I am not looking for a cause, I feel like I am being hit in the face with one every time that I get on one of my social media pages. The ease of which teens are able to have their voices heard can be a double edged sword. If you have a controversial point to make and you put it out there for everyone to see then you are putting yourself out there as well. If a person isn’t careful then people who disagree with your cause could possibly hurt you.

Technology is ever changing and as a parent and future educator I believe it is very important to keep an eye on what our youth are up to. We need to learn along with them so that we are able to help them if they need it and give them proper guidance. I think it is great what students can accomplish if they are guided in a positive direction. SmartBlog on Education at showed some great examples of what young people can do.

Looking at several of the teen activism nominees, I saw that a lot of them for speaking up against bullying. What a noble cause. I have worked in a school at different levels and have seen what bullying can do to kids. I hope that these kids who are speaking out can help some of these kids who are being bullied or the bully themselves. After all it they say it takes a village to raise children. If we all work together maybe we can do it in a more positive way. I think it is great that teens want to make a difference and hope that digital activism will help them make that difference.

Daily Create #17-#21

Daily Create #17 My favorite Christmas gift.  I received Jobina Bertie the year Cabbage Patch Dolls came out.  You didn’t get to choose which one you wanted.  My mom went to JCPenney and ordered a doll.  She got to choose a Caucasian girl and that was it.  She tried to hide it from me, but my best friend was at the store when she picked it up.  She even stuck egg cartons on the package when she wrapped it so I wouldn’t know what it was.  I loved Jobina and cherish her still today.


Daily Create #18

Take a picture that is nothing, but is something.

This is a picture of a random blue candy dish to everyone else who sees it.  To me it is the taste of butterscotch candies and the love I felt for my grandmother.


Daily Create #19

Take a picture of yourself and then draw it.  This picture is over 20 years old, but oh well.


Daily Create #20

Make a heel out of everyday items.  This is a technology shoe.


Daily Create #21

I didn’t see this one in the archives or anywhere else.  I made this for my daughter’s birthday which is coming up.  She loves basketball.  I am going to add an inspirational quote, I just have to find the right one.


So I Googled Myself…

I am so glad that I didn’t grow up with the technology that they have around today. Not because I don’t like the ease of looking up facts or communicating with people, but because of the negative aspects of technology. I let my own children have limited use and I check on their accounts regularly. I make my children share a phone, they can’t take it to school unless they have something important going on, and it is not a smart phone. Aren’t I just cruel?

Experts are saying the number one important thing for people to have on the internet is being ethical. is a site with a lot of good information on being a good citizen on the web. I have seen pictures and messages which students have put on the web and think nothing of their actions. I think it is horrible some of the things which kids think are okay to put out there for everyone to see. Making it to adulthood is hard enough without having something new to worry about. The web is always changing and it is important to figure out how to be responsible while on the web. I wish that people would look at the effect it has on others and change their ways.

So I Googled myself and found that I have a fairly common name. I found a lot of people with my name but I didn’t see myself or any information about myself. So then I decided to Google my maiden name. Again there was nothing. My maiden name isn’t very common but I was surprised by the number of them. I was kind of glad that I didn’t come up anywhere. If I did show up there would be little of interest to anyone who was looking.

As far a future employer goes, I would be happy to have them look at anything I have on the internet. I have been very careful with what I reply to or post on the internet. I have family who are educators and they have always cautioned me. My brother sat in on an interview and a young woman did not get a job after they looked at her Facebook page. That says something. I know that when I start interviewing I will be sure and go back and look at my page. If there is anything that might even look slightly off, I will delete it. I will not forfeit who I am, but why not error on the side of caution.