Independent Learning Project – Wrap Up

Independent Learning Project – Wrap Up

During my Independent Learning Project I have learned quite a few things about myself.  It was nice to have a project which I needed to finish.  I have a whole tote full of unfinished sewing projects, ranging from small to large.  During this class I have had a due date and that kept me working on some of those projects rather than putting them down for another time.  I always say I will finish something when I have more time, but that time doesn’t seem to come around very often.  This class really motivated me to finish my projects.

When this class first started I wasn’t sure what I would get accomplished.  As I stated above I have started projects that I don’t find the time to finish or I grow bored with.  I wasn’t sure I would finish my quilt, much less the other projects I finished.  I am thrilled that I have finished that quilt.  I like the fun colors and design and I’m ready to use it.  The other projects were just icing on the cake.

The best part about my independent project was taking the time for myself and doing something that I really enjoy doing.  Since moving this last fall I still have the majority of my crafting and sewing in totes in my basement.  It was fun to dig through and find some projects to do and organize my sewing room so that I could use it.  Doing these projects has reminded me of how much I enjoy doing my projects and the importance of taking more time to do them.  After all they really didn’t take that much time to finish.

I can see using this concept in the classroom.  The students get to choose what they want to work on so they will most likely be more enthusiastic about it.  I think that letting them choose is great but I would have guidelines which they would have to adhere to.  I would want to be sure they had a project that would be appropriate and have enough substance that they could work on it a while.  Working at your own pace may not be a good idea for younger students.  In the younger grade levels I think it is best if they have due dates with clear objectives they need to meet.

IMG_0670IMG_0988A couple of my favorite projects which I finished this semester.  I am grateful for the motivation I had to get them done.


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