Online Creation Tools

I had not heard of Piktochart, Canva, or Comic Book/Creation Tools before doing this assignment.  I found that after looking at the examples they gave us that I recognized some of them.   I can see many different fun uses for these different kinds of graphic creations in the classroom.  It would be fun for students to try some of these instead of the same old written assignment.  Technology is always changing and students need to learn how to use it responsibly.  This is a tool which could potentially grow and change and give students the chance to create something neat.  I think that after students had the chance to play with the different applications and with a little guidance they could come up with a lot of very neat projects.

For my project I chose to try out Canva (  Canva is a free site, but you can purchase different elements if you would like.  They do have enough different free elements or you can download your own pictures and items, that I can’t imagine ever paying for anything.  Canva had a lot of different projects you could choose from.  They had fliers, posters, presentations, and you can make cover photos for other social media forms.  Canva also had online tutorials and teaching materials available.

I chose to make a poster about my independent project.  It wasn’t hard to figure out what I wanted to do.  Each step of the way they guide you through it.  The project is auto saved for you so you don’t lose your work, you could log off and come back at a later time very easily.  The options were endless as far as I was concerned.  If I had any questions there is a help button at the bottom of the page that helped guide me through the process.

I chose two pictures that I used previously from my independent project.  The beginning shot when it was just a pile of fabric and the finished quilt.  Pictures were easily downloaded and sized to fit.  It was a really neat tool to try out.  I can see myself using this in the future.

Stitches In Time


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