Podcasts and Digital Storytelling

Podcasts and Digital Storytelling

This was the first time I have ever watched a podcast.  I had heard of them before but hadn’t thought much about it.   I wasn’t sure what they were and I certainly hadn’t thought about how they were made or could be used.  I like the idea of using technology to tell a story.  After watching a few of them, I can see how a person could like watching them.

The three I chose to watch were:  I Read Banned Books by Kristina Abshire 2013, Kindertransport: The Unknown Children of the Holocaust by Eliz Markowitz 2013, and Portrait of Dr. Gachet: My Story vs. Van Gogh’s Story by Amy McClurd 2013.  I chose these three because they all had something that interests me personally.  I liked how they gave the author a way to get their point across and preserved history.

In the classroom I can see using this with mainly older students.  I can see older students partnering up or even working individually would work out.  It may help students become more competent with technology.  Students are clearly interested in using technology and making videos and taking pictures of one another so I can see how students would be interested in digital storytelling.  I like the creativity that goes along with a podcast.  Students still have to write, edit and expand on what story they are trying to tell.

If I was to use it with younger students I would use it as something for students to watch and learn from.  Perhaps putting younger students into larger groups and working closely with the teacher to get a podcast made would work.

I think that podcasts could be a good jumping off point for some great conversation and discussion in the classroom.  With a little bit of looking I think that you could find a lot of different lessons which other educators have already made.  With a little bit of effort a teacher could find a lot of podcast which would be relevant to a lot of different areas in the classroom.


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