Stitches in Time

So after a crazy three day weekend at a basketball tournament I finally have time to reflect. I’m sorry this is kind of last minute, I thought I would have had time in the evenings, but I was so wrong. I should have known that the girls would be busy wanting to swim, play, or just hand out.

So now I finally sit down to write my thoughts on this on this week’s independent learning project. I decided to work on some more of my wool and applique sewing. I chose a project which is in time for the upcoming holiday, Easter. I have had this project for some time. I have many of these little projects put in a tote that I get out and try to work on from time to time.

The biggest thing I have learned from working on this project is that it doesn’t have to be perfect. When I first started working on wool applique I was quite the stickler about making sure that all of the threads matched perfectly and all the stitches were very precise. The more I work on projects like this, I realize that they aren’t going to be perfect. These projects are handmade and that’s what makes them unique. The little imperfections have grown on me and sometimes they turn into the best “happy mistakes.”

The project isn’t finished but I think I can keep it out past Easter for a little while. It consists of two bunnies facing each other with a few tulips. The pattern is by Cleo and Me, and is titled Hares to Spring. Although it has bunnies it also represents spring not just Easter. Lord knows that I am ready for spring, and its warmer days, cool nights, and rains. I will post pictures once the project is finished.


2 thoughts on “Stitches in Time

  1. This sounds wonderful – I hope you’ll share photos when you’re done, or if not done, near the end! My mom does quilting, so I know exactly what you mean by imperfections giving your project character! I love all the quilted things mom has made for me!


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