Daily Create #22 – # 28

Daily Create #22  Eye Selfie


Daily Create #23 15 Second Batman


Daily Create #24 Create Hands


Daily Create #25 Awkwardly Placed Object


Daily Create #26 Joke a Cow might say to a human…

How did the cow find the farmers wife?

She tractor down.

Daily Create #27 Granted the power to create a law for one day.

I would hold higher laws for those who are on death row who have admitted to their crime and have no remorse.  These people would have the opportunity to put an end to their lives.  This would be self induced.  This would cut back on taxes and resources.

Daily Create #28 Blurred Photo

IMG_0910I was bummed when this one didn’t turn out, but I did get a lot of great pics this weekend of my daughter playing basketball.


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