Digital Activism

I found that it was interesting in the one article The 6 Activist Functions of Technology that it found that digital technology can do only six things for activists who use it. These were 1.) to share public opinion 2.) plan an action 3.) protect activists 4.) share a call to action 5.) take action digitally and lastly 6.) transfer resources. Well, I don’t know that I agree one hundred percent that there are only six things which it does but it was a good article to help me understand what digital activism is and how it works.

It absolutely amazes me how easy it is for people to get their point out there for all to see. Even when I am not looking for a cause, I feel like I am being hit in the face with one every time that I get on one of my social media pages. The ease of which teens are able to have their voices heard can be a double edged sword. If you have a controversial point to make and you put it out there for everyone to see then you are putting yourself out there as well. If a person isn’t careful then people who disagree with your cause could possibly hurt you.

Technology is ever changing and as a parent and future educator I believe it is very important to keep an eye on what our youth are up to. We need to learn along with them so that we are able to help them if they need it and give them proper guidance. I think it is great what students can accomplish if they are guided in a positive direction. SmartBlog on Education at showed some great examples of what young people can do.

Looking at several of the teen activism nominees, I saw that a lot of them for speaking up against bullying. What a noble cause. I have worked in a school at different levels and have seen what bullying can do to kids. I hope that these kids who are speaking out can help some of these kids who are being bullied or the bully themselves. After all it they say it takes a village to raise children. If we all work together maybe we can do it in a more positive way. I think it is great that teens want to make a difference and hope that digital activism will help them make that difference.


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