So I Googled Myself…

I am so glad that I didn’t grow up with the technology that they have around today. Not because I don’t like the ease of looking up facts or communicating with people, but because of the negative aspects of technology. I let my own children have limited use and I check on their accounts regularly. I make my children share a phone, they can’t take it to school unless they have something important going on, and it is not a smart phone. Aren’t I just cruel?

Experts are saying the number one important thing for people to have on the internet is being ethical. is a site with a lot of good information on being a good citizen on the web. I have seen pictures and messages which students have put on the web and think nothing of their actions. I think it is horrible some of the things which kids think are okay to put out there for everyone to see. Making it to adulthood is hard enough without having something new to worry about. The web is always changing and it is important to figure out how to be responsible while on the web. I wish that people would look at the effect it has on others and change their ways.

So I Googled myself and found that I have a fairly common name. I found a lot of people with my name but I didn’t see myself or any information about myself. So then I decided to Google my maiden name. Again there was nothing. My maiden name isn’t very common but I was surprised by the number of them. I was kind of glad that I didn’t come up anywhere. If I did show up there would be little of interest to anyone who was looking.

As far a future employer goes, I would be happy to have them look at anything I have on the internet. I have been very careful with what I reply to or post on the internet. I have family who are educators and they have always cautioned me. My brother sat in on an interview and a young woman did not get a job after they looked at her Facebook page. That says something. I know that when I start interviewing I will be sure and go back and look at my page. If there is anything that might even look slightly off, I will delete it. I will not forfeit who I am, but why not error on the side of caution.


3 thoughts on “So I Googled Myself…

  1. I think it’s easy to forget just how Googleable we are–and also that all of our employers will be Googling us! It really is a different world for young people today. Most of us would not want some of the things we did and said as teens saved forever, but that’s exactly what happens. (My 12 yr old son assures me that he is the only 6th grader in the world who doesn’t have a cell phone. Oh well!)


  2. Prior to taking these classes, I had a Facebook page, and that was pretty much it. I was just about ready to get rid of it too, except that I really only use it to watch how my creative friends are doing in their careers and lives. Then…BAM! I’ve got Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, etc…all linked. So weird for me! LOL


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