Down Memory Lane – Daily Create

Down Memory Lane – Daily Create #3

I have a childhood memory which I am reminded of every time I look at my right thumb. When I was 5 years old I was outside helping my dad. We had a topper on our blue pickup. I had watched my father many times put the hatch down on that topper. He would put his thumb up to the hinge and push it back the other way, and then slowly let it close. Well, I was pretty independent at that age and asked my dad if I could do it. My father told me that I was too small and that I was not to do it. I did it anyway. Big mistake! I wasn’t big enough and the hinge ended up cutting off the tip of my thumb. Although they were able to reattach my thumb it is still pretty goofy looking. I did learn how to tell my right from my left from this thumb. To this day when I need to know my left from my right I unconsciously touch that thumb.


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