Stitches in Time

I started this post earlier in the week and then had to erase it and start all over. I have outdone myself. I love to quilt and I don’t always make time for it with all that goes in life. I usually get to do something just for me after the kids go to bed or during some rare moment when I have a few extra minutes. The reason I chose quilting for my independent learning blog was because I wanted to spend more time on something I love to do. Up until this point I have had a little time to work on it but little else. Well the house is a mess and some things have gotten set aside this week. I am glad to say that I finished my quilt. Yes, I still have to put a backing on it, quilt it, and then bind it, but that is small stuff after getting the top finished. I was worried that I wouldn’t be even close to finishing it by the time this class was over.

Now the question is what project to work on next. Lord knows I have a ton to choose from. One project I need to finish is a quilt that I started a few years ago. The quilt top is made from reproduction civil war era fabric. Each month the company which I ordered it from sent me a pattern and enough material to make two blocks. With each of the patterns they gave you the reason why the women used the colors they were using and what each block represented. Some of the blocks represented hope for the country while others may have been a symbol for the Underground Railroad. The quilt was a one I loved doing because it incorporated history. I finished making the top for this quilt and instead of having it quilted by machine I decided to be true to the era and hand quilt it. I have about half of it hand quilted and need to finish it.

Another project to work on may be the quilt blocks my grandmother made when she was a little girl. When my mom’s mom was 12 years old she gather fabric from anything that was available and hand sewed several blocks. I was fortunate to get these blocks when she passed away. I would like to take these blocks and make them into a finished quilt. Along with finishing this quilt I would like to have my mother and daughter help in some way with the sewing. By having my mom and daughter help it would mean that four generations would have helped complete this project.

I will have decide later which project to work on next. First off, I think I need to clean my house!IMG_0670


3 thoughts on “Stitches in Time

  1. This is incredible! I love quilts as an art form. I also love them for their practicality. Many of the women in my family were quilters and I have some beautiful quilts that they made. Some are treasured as keepsakes, but I have a few that have always been used, and I think I value those even more. They’re tattered and threadbare at this point but still warm!


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