Stitches in Time

I got a package in the mail which I am thrilled about.  Some women like new shoes or clothes and I am all excited about wool.  I received some new patterns and wool for some applique projects.  I couldn’t be more excited to begin.  One thing I love about the package I received is the fact that they are rather small and won’t take a long time to finish.  The other thing I like is that because they are small I can take them with me and they don’t take up a lot of room around the house when I am working on them.

The patterns are from the Wooden Bear and are titled Lil’ Woolies.  The kits I have include a pattern and all of the wool which is needed to complete the pattern.  I can’t wait to jump right in and get started.  I think that I will start with the Bee Hive kit.

I like to trace my patterns onto the dull side of freezer paper and then iron it onto the coordinating wool color for that piece.   After the pieces are all cut out I put all of the pieces into a baggy so that I don’t lose any of the little pieces.  Then from my collection of floss and threads I pick out coordinating floss.  Next I lay out the pieces on the background fabric.  I pin the pieces in place and start sewing.  I like to do this as a form of relaxation.

Here’s a picture of the kit I’m working on.  Finished project pictures to come.IMG_0664


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