Stitches in Time

So the quilt is coming along slowly.  I’m a single mom, full time student, and have one heck of a cold.  So the cutting is done but the sewing is going to have to wait a little longer.  I did do a small project.  This project was made for my daughter.  I need to keep her off of Pinterest.  Every time we are on the site she seems to find something new to try or make.  This time she found a hair bow.

The hair bow was made with some simple supplies, most of which I had on hand.  I must admit I kind of have a sewing and crafting problem.  I have totes and totes of supplies for all sorts of crafting and sewing projects.  I didn’t realize how much I had until I recently moved.  I thought my father was going to have a coronary when he saw all of the totes come out of my craft room.

So back to the project.  I took some 2 ½ inch grosgrain ribbon and cut it a little longer than I thought I might need.  I then sewed a piece of basketball ribbon which I had on hand down the middle of the 2 ½ inch ribbon.  We visited Hobby Lobby and found an iron on basketball decal.  After tying the ribbon in a bow around a ponytail holder I trimmed the tips of the ribbon.  After trimming the ribbon I took a lighter and melted the edges of the ribbon so that it would not fray.

My daughter has a new bow for all of her basketball games.  It took only a few minutes to complete and made I daughter happy.  Now back to quilting once I get to feeling better.



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