Personal Learning Network Tips

Personal Learning Networks

I hadn’t heard of personal learning networks (PLN) but I have heard of personal learning communities (PLC).  I have worked in the education field for some years and in the past couple the school I worked at started having PLC meetings once a week.  The information I found on the net was useful in explaining what an effective PLN should look like and how you can get started in building your own.  A couple of the sites that were helpful to me are: and

After reading through several articles on the subject I found that I have already started my PLN.  I am Facebook friends with fellow educators, I have Twitter which I follow educations sights, I have a board on Pinterest based on classroom finds.  Also working in the education field I have a great resource in the friends which are educators.

The one thing which I found to be the most important thing about having an effective learning network is not who you know but how you may know these people.  It stressed the importance of not having followers for the sake of building your numbers but to have quality information coming your way.  It is important to be real and portray yourself in that way.  The more human you are the more relatable you are.

Another great thing which I found interesting was the advice to be patient.  This has my name wrote all over it.  I was the one who said I was drug into technology kicking and screaming.  It takes perseverance and commitment to making it work.  As with anything I suppose you get out what you put into it.

Here is a site with some helpful tips.


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