Stitches in Time

Quilting, sewing, and handwork is something I have liked to do since I was a little girl.  My first sewing machine was bought for me by my parents at a garage sale.  It was a child size machine that I adored.  My mother was a sewer who made things for around the house and some clothing for the two of us.  As my mother cut and sewed, I picked up the little pieces of fabric which she couldn’t use.  Every little piece was a treasure to me.  To this day I save any useable piece of fabric for projects.

I have made quite a few quilts over the years, currently I am hooked on doing wool applique.  Wool applique is using felted wool and cutting out designs and then hand stitching them together.  I have made anything from penny candle mats, to table toppers, to pillows, and more.  I currently have a quilt project that I need to get started on.

This blog will follow through the stages of me working on this quilt and the different things I learn as I make it.  This all started with finding just the right pattern and fabrics.  I ended up finding a kit which had the pattern, fabric, and instructions.  I would like to become a more precise quilter and I hope this quilt helps me concentrate on that.


Here is a picture of the quilt supplies for the quilt I am going to blog about.  The pattern and fabric were purchased through  This is a great site if you like to craft.


4 thoughts on “Stitches in Time

  1. You had me at felt. 🙂 I also took part in the sewing of my own clothes, quilting and many other crafts. I am currently knitting as a creative past time but who just wants to knit? So for an added twist I make slippers and the occasional hot pad or coaster and then felt the wool I make them out of. I really love to felt things. Great post! I can’t wait to see what happens as we progress, with your quilt!


  2. Quilting is a wonderful hobby! My mom is a quilter, and I am the beneficiary of her talent in sewing and quilting. I have many beautiful handmade quilts from her for milestones in my life, graduation, wedding, birthdays, and just because she wants to pass it on. Of course, I gladly accept them all.

    I use some on beds, hang some as a drape in the winter against the cold, and decorate with wall hangings that she’s scaled from pictures she likes. “Children of the Snow” is a favorite, which I am currently displaying on my back door window.

    I take them down to let them rest, wash them gently, and sometimes, return the ones I’ve used on the beds, for repair.

    These are treasures – I’ll be watching your blog for future progress. You realize, of course, that you may have just given yourself a “deadline” to show us the finished product, right? 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!


    • I do realize that I may have given myself a deadline and with my schedule we will see how it goes. I too agree that quilts are treasures and I hope this one turns out to be one as well.


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