Hack School

Logan LaPlante was a very good little speaker. He made some very valid points about wanting to be happy and healthy and what that means to him. By exploring what is interesting to him and the ways in which he learns are a far cry from most classrooms. He cited Dr. Roger Walsh and what he believes should be a practice, the Therapeutic Lifestyle Change. These changes included exercise, diet and nutrition, time in nature, contributions and service, relationships, recreation, relaxation and stress management, and lastly religious and spiritual beliefs. I agree that more of these concepts need to be implemented when possible in the classroom.

Bud Hunt talked about many of the same things as Logan which should be implemented in an effective classroom. Hunt chose to liken the important situations as things which we should bring into focus with our “lenses.” The three lenses he said important are the making, hacking, and playing lenses. The lens I found most interesting was the making lens. The making lens is a fundamental part of learning. It helps students to understand themselves and others as well as learn from themselves and others. This is one part of education which has helped me because I am one of those people who has to do it myself to understand it. I also like his ideas about play being essential. Kids learn more through play on how to get along with others than anything anyone can teach them out of a book.

Overall I really enjoyed both of these posts. It shows some alternative ways of thinking and teaching. I can see making what I learned from these posts relevant to teaching in my own classroom. I think that the most significant thing that stuck with me is the importance of creativity and happiness. I think that children are stuck in a classroom and made to do work that is of absolutely no interest to them. As a future teacher I will strive to make my classroom and everything I teach as much fun as possible for students.



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