Learning…The never ending journey

When I first started learning to read my mother thought that I was terribly behind.   When tested in school I remember having to read in front of a total stranger as part of my placement testing. I was painfully shy, and did horrible. I was placed in a low reading group which only lasted a couple of weeks, because once I got comfortable with school, I did just fine. Due to this my mother started me in a reading club. This was greIMG_0657at, except for the fact that she couldn’t get my nose out of books. My most negative experience in school and learning came when I was in math class.

Math might as well have been taught in a foreign language.  I struggled a great deal with math class all through school, including college.  I now have a pretty firm grasp of it and realize that my mind just wasn’t ready.

IMG_0660I am a very creative person and love to learn in a very hands on way.  I like organization, reinforcing previously learned knowledge, and acquiring new things.  I have always likes to learn, especially if I have a choice about the subject.


My favorite teacher growing up was probably my father. Not only was my dad a great teacher at home but I was also lucky enough to have him for several classes in junior and senior high school. My dad taught science and I especially liked doing experiments and dissecting animals in his class. When in my first two years of college I enjoyed my first biology and anatomy classes.

IMG_0020 (2)

One thing that has taught me the most in life is the school of hard knocks. No, my life hasn’t been real tough but in my personal life I have struggled with some difficult times which I have had to overcome. Watching my kids bounce back from divorce and moving to a new town has taught me that life is an adventure and it is what you make of it. Being a single mom, I have proven to myself that I have what it takes to succeed in life.

Working with kids is a lot of fun. My own children and the children I have been lucky enough to work with have taught me as much as I have taught them. I have also been blessed with working with some really amazing educators.   Having worked in schools has given me more insight into teaching than any class ever could. I look forward to the adventure of continued learning.IMG_0593


6 thoughts on “Learning…The never ending journey

  1. I remember having to read in front of strangers (school personnel) before starting kindergarten to this day! It says something about how traumatic it is to a young child. I’m glad you were able to still love reading afterwards.


  2. I could so relate to your comments about having your nose in a book! I well remember having my books confiscated in school because I’d rush through my other assignments to get back to my book. You’d think that would have been okay with my teachers (I had all A’s after all) but no. I was only supposed to read when it was reading time. SIGH. I definitely agree that working in schools and observing different teachers teach and students learn (or not learn!) is the best training there is. Education classes can only teach so much.


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